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Exclusive Programs
Recreation at Alakol Lake

Exclusive Programs

Almaty – Sarkand – Baskan gorge – Sarkand – Almaty
      Alpinism is considered to be one of the most extreme recreation activities. Complicated  weather conditions and physical stress add extra excitement to the journey and attract lovers of the thrilling experience. People tend to climb mountains to test themselves, learn how to cope with risk and getting over all sorts of difficulties reach the summit. The sweet flavour of victory is the same, no matter if you climbed to the top of the Mount Everest or just to the top of some nameless peak.           
      We would like to offer you an exclusive program – ascent to the highest peak of Djungarski Alatau mountain range, the peak of “Semyonov-Tianshanski”(4622 m above the sea level). This summit is situated in the northern part of Djungarski Alatau ridge, in the region of Sarkand town. The southern mountainside of this peak is located on the territory of China, the northern side is in Kazakhstan. National boundary is going through the western and eastern parts of the ridge. The climate of this region is extremely continental with average day temperature of +10C +25C and average night temperature 0C +10C.  The best time for making the ascent is  from 20 to 31 August. This period is characterized by minimum snow coverage, openness of glaciers and stable weather conditions. The route of ascent is considered to be a combined one: icy-snowy. The tentative route complexity is 2B-3A categories, therefore participants are required to be in a good physical shape, have prior appropriate training and be able to use mountaineering gear (crampons, ice-axe, belaying safety system, protective helmet).
1st day   Meeting the group at Almaty airport, accommodation, excursion around the city.
2d  day   Transfer to Sarkand town (470 km), moving to the basecamp in Baskan gorge (18 km – asphalt road, 30 km – mountain country road), accommodation, rest.  
3d  day   Acclimatization, mountain gear checking, rest.
4th day   Overpass to the intermediate camp, camping overnight.
5th day    Overpass to the summit camp, camping, preparation for ascent.    
6th day    Ascent to the summit and returning back to the intermediate camp.
7th day    Overpass to the basecamp.
8th day    Rest.
9th day    Transfer to Almaty city. Accommodation at the hotel in Almaty.   
10th day  Departure from Almaty airport.
The Program Cost Includes:
-  meeting/seeing-off at Almaty airport;
-  transportation within program route;
-  obtaining of special passes to enter the border-guarded zone;
-  personnel services: translator, professional mountain-guide, porters, cook at the basecamp;   
-  accommodation at the basecamp (army-like tents for 8 persons, proper beds & bed-linen, shower, bathroom, power generator, etc.);
-  3-times meals at the basecamp;
-  organization & setting the intermediate camps;
-  meals provided on the route;
-  provision of all tourists and mountaineering gear & equipment (trekking tents, mattresses sleeping bags, safety ropes, ice & rock hooks and hangers, carbines).
The Program Cost Does Not Include:  
-  hotel accommodation costs in Almaty city;
-  provision of individual mountaineering gear (crampons, ice-axe, belaying safety system, protective helmet);
-  provision of satellite communication services from the basecamp;


Ascent to the peak of Semyonov-Tianshanski
Ascent to the peak of Semyonov-Tianshanski
Ascent to the peak of Semyonov-Tianshanski
On the Top of Semenov-Tianshanski Peak
Malyi Baskan river gorge




























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