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Our programmes

Exclusive Programs
Recreation at Alakol Lake


  Burkhan-Bulak Waterfall – 12 hours  
        The waterfall of Burkhan-Bulack is the largest waterfall in the Central Asia region and is located in the gorge of Kora river at the height of 2000 m above the sea level. The height of its three tiers extends up to 112m. The tonnes of ice-cold water crash down in noisy stream sprinkling everything around with millions of splashes. In clear streams against the background of reddish rocks covered in emerald moss, the sun is playing with its rays. Dozens of multicolored rainbows amplify the attractive picture painted by the world greatest artist – Ms. Nature. In winter time the waterfall is “dressed” into the snowy-and-icy coat and above its cup there is an icy bridge made up. The maximum water flow is observed in the month of July and this is when the waterfall shows its real character. The water is crashing down in enormous stream covering waterfall’s ledges and stages. Undoubtedly, the waterfall of Burkhan-Bulack is an attractive, breathtaking and bewitching sight.
         The cost of excursion includes:  
  • Transportation within the route of excursion programme;
  • guide’s services;
  • lunch. 

 «Semirechiye Tooth-Frog» – 12 hours
            We offer a sightseeing programme into the gorge of Cherkasay river to all lovers of new impressions. Here one can get an opportunity to see the Semirechiye tooth-frog in his natural environment. The tooth-frog is a very rare and amazing creature – a merman of amphibian family that is considered a narrow endemic and can be seen only in Semirechiye region.
            The tooth-frog lives in shallow crystal clear mountain streams forming small ponds with tiny water streamlets running out of them. The optimum water temperature in places of mermen’ habitation is normally +8o+12oC.  It seems that at the temperature of +2o+3oC the life for these amphibia is not possible without having a “warm clothing”, nevertheless, they manage to survive moving  and swimming in such cold water.  However, mermen can not survive through temperature increase at all. Mermen can be observed up in the mountains at the height of 2000 m above the sea level. Being ashore the tooth-frog seems to be slow and clumsy just like a fairy tale dragon. This harmless creature eats mostly water micro-organisms and insects. Before, Semirechiye tooth-frog was intensively haunted – people used its dried meat in oriental medicine. Nowadays, Semirechiye tooth-frog is recorded in the “Red Book” for the purposes of species preservation.
The cost of excursion includes: 
  • Transportation within the route of excursion programme;
  • guide’s services;
  • lunch. 
Burkhan-Bulak Waterfall
Semirechiye Tooth-Frog



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