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Alakol Lake

Alakol Lake

           The greatest gift of Kazakhstan nature – Alakol lake. This is a unique salty closed lake located on the north-east of Almaty region very close to Chinese border. It is known that crystal clean Alakol waters have a miraculous salutary effect – they recuperate strengths and strengthen health. The Great Silk Way was crossing here many years ago. At those ancient times, caravan-men passing by the lake could not resist to refresh themselves in the blue waters of Alakol after long and tiring journey. They noticed that blister foot, cuts and injuries would disappear by themselves, wounds would heal up after swimming in the Alakol waters. Those suffering from radiculitis would forget the pain in the waist, even quarrels and offences would be put off the side…
           Modern medical investigations confirm the salutary effect of Alakol waters. Seaside breath of Alakol in conjunction with dry, hot, filled with steppe fragrances air has a beneficial effect on people. This is indeed the health resort area where our cosmonauts were taken to for rehabilitation and recreation after the return from the orbit.  
           Alakol lake is situated at the lowest part of Balkhash-Alakolskaya lowland, at the height of 350 m above the sea level in surrounding of majestic mountains of Djungarski Alatau.  Alakol lake system is formed by lakes Sasykkol, Uyaly, Zhalanashkol and other smaller ones. The   square area of the lake is 2,696 km², the length is 104 km, the width is 52 km, the average depth is 22 m. Over 15 inflows flow into the lake. The climate of the coast is sharply continental. Water temperature during summer time +20…+250, wind conditions are complicated and peculiar. The one of Kazakhstan’s “wind poles” is located in the area of Djungarski Gates. Most frequent here are south-east winds called “Evgey” and north-west winds called “Saykan”. At maximum speed of 50-70 m/sec during the spring-autumn time, they create choppiness up to 6 points wind force. Mineralization of water along defined area is ranged from 2 to 11,6 gr/lt, The water composition is sodium-chloride and sodium-sulphate-chloride. There is high content of fluorine and bromine in the Alakol water.
          Alakol State Preserve – is a place of inhabitation of cormorant, ember-goose, wild duck,  heron, swan; here one can see such a rare birds as relic-seagull, black headed mocking-bird, frizzy and pink pelicans. The waters of Alakol are inhabited by pike perch, sazan, perch, white amur and other fish. At the mouth of rivers flowing into the lake one can see musk-rats.
Alakol Lake
Alakol Lake
Alakol Lake



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