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Djungarski Alatau
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Zhasyl-Kol lake
Alakol Lake

Zhasyl-Kol lake

One can truly call Zhasyl-Kol lake “a pearl” of Djungarski Alatau. It is located near Lepsinsk town at the height of 1,630 m. The lake appeared in the result of earthquake when the rocky slide blocked Aganakty river stream and the natural dam formed the lake of quite significant size, which remains very spectacular, especially in the fall time when it is surrounded by golden trees. Its waters in the spring time are a bit troubled due to all the streams coming from Djungarski range glaciers, however with the cold spell when the glaciers stop melting away the water becomes clear blue. It is notable that Zhasyl-Kol lake area – is a habitation place of multitudinous population of marals (Siberian deers). 

Zhasyl-Kol lake


Zhasyl-Kol lake
Zhasyl-Kol lake



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