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Djungarski Alatau
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Djungarski Alatau

            Djungarski Alatau – is a mountain range system situated in the south-east part of Kazakhstan spreading from the west to the east along the Chinese border for 400 km. This name was acquired at the times of ancient martial nation called Djungars that used to live here many years ago. This ancient nation had fully disappeared due to onslaught of the Chinese Empire. “Djungarski” is translated from Chinese as “djun” – “left side”, “gar” – “hand” and the word “Alatau” – as “variegated mountains” Djungarski Alatau – is a peculiar mountain region in terms of climate. The northern slopes of Djungarski Alatau remind a lot of Altay mountain range, whereas southern slopes are more like Tian-Shani ones and are very close to Zayliiski Alatau area climate-wise.
            A complex geological history of ridges formation implying alternation in mountain folding and destructive processes stipulated a peculiar surface irregularity.  The wide spur valleys are found side by side with deep canyons, the range ridges smoothly turn into high-mountain pastures. Some peaks reach the height of over 4,000 m. The highest point of Djungarski Alatau mountain range – is the peak of “Semyonov-Tianshanski” (4622m).There are many glaciers in the upper reaches of Djungarski Alatau, the glaciers that give the start to water arteries of Semirechiye and form numerous waterfalls slightly sloping and steeply pitching.
           From everlasting, the mountains have always remained attractive and mysterious to people; people have always tried to perceive their deep wisdom, penetrate deep into, conquer them. However, mountains still remain mysterious and inconceivable, somewhat impressing with its beauty and power. Despite people’s efforts the mountain regions, and Djungarski Alatau is not an exception, remain the most unexplored corners on the earth. Speaking by words of Scottish historian Thomas Carmel: “despite of all sciences and theories, this world remains a miracle, amazing  and inconceivable, the miracle that each of us sees by his own eyes…” 
Borokhudzir valley



Sarlytan Pass
Djungarski Alatau



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