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Djungarski Alatau
Kora river gorge
Ily River
Singing Dune
Aktau mountains
Zhasyl-Kol lake
Alakol Lake

Ily River

        The river “Ily” – is the largest river in Semirechiye region. It is formed out of two middle size rivers – Tekess and Kungess rivers. Its length is 1,439 km, the basin’s square is 144,000 km² and its width at some places comes up to 100 m. Flowing with the speed of 4-5 km/per hour Ily river carries over 400m³ of water in one second and flows into Balkhash lake. Ily’s largest feeders
– are Chilik river (length is 250 km) and Charyn river (length is 430 km). Ily river brings into Balkhash lake over 70% of its incoming waters. 
       The way of the river is winding: it forms a lot of curves and sandy islands inwashing spits and sandbanks. In the area of “Singing Dune” Ily’s flow is slowing down and the river overflows creating a delta.
       Ily river represents a true interest amongst the nature lovers. The trees grow at a certain distance from each other along the river side without creating a compact implantation and remind of an African savannah.
       Asiatic poplar groves become home not only for birds, but also for many other wild animals. Ichthyological fauna is represented by the following types of fish: sazan, bream, pike perch, cat-fish, sturgeon family – thorn, zherekh, grass carp, silver carp and others. In summer time the air is full of slight ring made by swarm of flying insects, therefore visitors are highly recommended to have special protective staff against the mosquitoes.  
Ily River



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