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Djungarski Alatau
Kora river gorge
Ily River
Singing Dune
Aktau mountains
Zhasyl-Kol lake
Alakol Lake


        There is a miraculous place in the world of nature, absolutely unique in its diversity and beauty. Sultry deserts and endless steppes, crystal blue lakes and garrulous mountain rivers, inclement mountain peaks wearing hats of century-old ice….all of this is – Semirechiye. Endless diversity of nature of Semirechiye region which starts from Balkhash lake in the north and spreads out to Tian-Shan mountain ridges in the south, and from Ili river valley on the west to Alakol lake on the east. It has always represented an exclusively great interest amongst tourism lovers and travellers because of its unique nature contrasts, rich wildlife and vegetation. The famous researcher of Semirechiye region Mr. Abolin  having described colonization of this place by Siberian Cossacks in his books had remarked  that settlers were really impressed by plentifulness of water sources and streams irrigating the foot of Djungarsky Alatau mountains.  
        At the present time, Semirechiye is equated territorial with geographic region called Ili-Balkhashski basin. The largest rivers of this basin are - Ili, Karatal, Aksu, Lepsy, Ayaguz, Tentek, Baskan, Sarkand and other smaller ones. They take their sources up at the glaciers and snow peaks of Djungarsky Alatau mountains
        Mountains have always been attractive and mysterious to people. They lure by their beauty and diversity and frighten by their inaccessibility. This is certainly reflected in the words of Vladimir Vysotsky’s song: “Better than mountains can only be the mountains you never climbed to…”
Semirechiye Map



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